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Pie and Mini-troduction

Hello, I just joined this community. I am a student/worker/biker/runner. And some other things! Yes, that will do for now.

My real question is this...
My roommate and I were informed that the first lesbo bar in Mpls. was opening (or has opened). We have received conflicting information. Anyhow, it's been said that it's a bar/club in the Seward neighborhood called Pie. Can anyone clarify this? If it is open, has anyone gone?

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It is in Seward, it's called Pi; the grand opening was last Friday; the soft opening the Friday before, I believe. It's a dance club; it's okay. Beer prices are decent; shots outrageous. I was there both Fridays; it was insanely busy. If you like clubs and dancing, it'll suit you. Not my taste, but there ain't many other options. They have a myspace account; that can maybe give an address and stuff. Good luck!