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Pregnant? You deserve a doula, and Birthing From Within classes!

Hello to all,

Pregnancy and labor in their infinite mystery prepare us most profoundly for the greater mysteries of parenting. Each woman has an intuitive understanding of childbirth and each partner has an instinct that leads them to support those intuitions. These classes tap into this inner awareness to help new (and experienced) parents cultivate the confidence, understanding and mindfulness they need to become the parents they want to be.

In these classes you’ll experience a multi-dimensional approach to childbirth education where together we build a mindset for coping, adapting and evolving towards parenthood. We’ll challenge your thinking and take you on a different path with the use of art supplies, refreshing dialog, the exchange of ideas, clay, vocalizing, video, storytelling and myth, journaling, ice, and much more. You will take these mediums along with you as we explore the more conventional aspects of childbirth as well.

We are holding a weekend intensive series for those of you who have limited time on June 3-4th. June 3rd we will meet from 10-4pm, and Sunday the 4th from 10-2pm.

We are starting our next series of Birthing From Within-inspired Childbirth classes on Tuesday, June 13th to July 25th. Our classes will be on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm for six weeks (skipping the 4th of July), and we have one postpartum reunion class.

Deposit is $100, and the second half ($100) is due on the day of the first class.

We will limit the class to five couples due to space, and most importantly, the most personalized experience possible. Our office
space is at Lake Street and Minnehaha Ave. in Mpls, above the Patrick’s Cabaret building.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of our brochure with more information, please feel free to contact Angela at 612.600.6600, Autumn 612.462.1365 or bfw @ (remove spaces). And please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested!

Be well,

Angela & Autumn
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