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Why - YES! You can. Become a Living History Re-enactor.

Millions of civilian and miltary women serving abroad and on the home front helped to keep our country going during one of the darkest eras of our history, and in doing so helped to change the role that women play in our society forever.

Help keep the memory of these women's efforts alive by becoming involved in local Living History events like these:

Commemorative Air Force Hanger Dance, Inver Grove Heights, MN - May 15th

Military History Days, Charles City, IA - May 12, 13, 14 & 15th

Commemorative Air Force Air Show - Red Wing, MN May 27, 28 & 29th

Memorial Day Veteran's Parade, Fort Snelling National Cemetary - May 30th

History Day, Minnesota Transportation Museum, Osceola, WI - June 25th

Veterans' Weekend, Historic Fort Snelling - July 30th & 31st

So - DON'T let your history get LOST! Become a Re-enactor To-DAY!!!

For more information on getting involved, please post a comment.

And bring the kids TOO!

All Photographs Copyright Minnesota Historical Society

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